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Entering the international healthcare market is an exciting endeavor. But it can also be fraught with opportunities for innocent misunderstandings due to cultural and other differences in the way organizations operate. And although healthcare is a dynamic, complex and changing arena with significant challenges to all participants, the healthcare community is wide and diverse, yet there is a only small cadre of significant players internationally.


MGC Health Advisors believes it is important to have a transatlantic process for the mutual education of the similarities and differences between how business is conducted. Our model is to work with your Company in a supportive role concentrating on the identification of potential purchasers, and then help guide the parties to a successful conclusion of a transaction.


We have assembled a team of professionals in the UK and the US with knowledge and experience of the UK, US and other international healthcare markets. All of our team members have extensive direct experience in advising companies who have entered the International healthcare market. Some have actually run US companies who have made the transition into these markets. We believe our knowledge and experience will significantly aid your Company's transition and growth in target markets.


Some of our services include:


A general analysis of the target market and determination if that market or potential acquisition fits within your Company's strategic and financial goals


Identification of specific market entry opportunities within your target markets. It will include descriptions of immediate acquisition and near-term expansion opportunities


MGC provides our view of the most effective strategy for your target markets. We will be especially helpful in positioning and raising the profile of your Company in those markets


MGC is available to assist and support your Company's team in the structure, relationship with regulatory agencies, due diligence, and many other aspects of any proposed transaction


Members of our team perform the healthcare business due diligence and an affiliate provides the facility due diligence. Our team has performed healthcare business due diligence for the some of major private providers within the UK and Irish markets



MGC will set the stage for discussions with the major market players to provide innovative solutions to their pressing problems and demonstrate to the market that your Company is committed



MGC Health Advisors Team

MGC Health Advisors has come together in response to the dynamic changes occurring in the healthcare market and the demand from healthcare organizations for high quality advice and wise counsel.  We have often been referred to as providing “a pair of safe hands” needed by our clients entering into healthcare transactions.


We also have an unrivalled network of strategic-thinking healthcare professionals who we can deploy to deal with specific specialized issues. This network consists of senior executives, clinicians, academics, and policy analysts. In addition we have strong relationships and credibility with Banks, Developers and Funders who specialize in the healthcare provider industry.


Our principal team includes the following:


Senior-level executive and healthcare transactional professional with seasoned expertise in corporate governance, Public Private Partnerships, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures in the public and private sectors. Served on the Board of Directors for several national and international healthcare institutions. Served as lead counsel in multi-billion dollar healthcare transactions, primarily on behalf of non-profit organizations combining with other non-profit or for-profit institutions. Presently acts as Strategic and Project leader for healthcare transactions on a consulting basis. Jerry holds both United States and United Kingdom citizenships. *see complete cv


President and founder of Galloway Consulting Group, Robert has been engaged in projects for governmental agencies, investor owned entities, private healthcare entrepreneurs, start-up enterprises, large not-for-profit healthcare systems as well as a number of US and international clients. Robert has more than four decades of executive and financial management experience in a wide variety of healthcare roles and businesses. *see complete cv



James C. Bonnette, M.D., has worked in virtually every area of U.S. healthcare from private practice to HMOs, investor owned and faith-based hospital systems, and pharma. His extensive talents are world-wide deployed in healthcare advisory groups and forums. Specializing in international strategic transformation, value-based healthcare, patient care delivery and safety, clinical quality improvement, enterprise risk management, population health management, medical staff affairs and many more areas of profound expertise, including the creation and development of the first global GPO with ASCENSION and Ramsay Health.



Victor R. Dragon, with decades of experience in executive healthcare information technology, healthcare service delivery; physician practice and clinical management; including managed care and medical devices. Extensive applied experience in technology and he has founded, financed, and managed through precise strategy applications, skillful business turnaround and further development opportunities in each case. His experience spans the spectrum of company stages from start-up to public companies with an intense focus on setting strategy, managing organizations and business units through change and or growth.



Vahid Rafizadeh, a rare combination of hands-on technologist and seasoned enterprise architect. With proportionality as a primary tenet of his approach, he is able to rapidly partner with business leaders to evaluate a business opportunity and efficiently lead teams through organizational transformation including innovation and proof of concept. Experienced in designing, building, and Implementing Strategic Big Data and Analytics Architecture and Platforms. Vahid, is a results-oriented visionary with unique background experiences in development and design within large scale technology platforms.


Sue is a successful senior executive with a strong background in management, with experience in UK and internationally leading healthcare companies. She has a track record of initiating and implementing strategic development, and exploiting profitable business opportunities between commercial organizations and their target healthcare markets. Goal-orientated and profit driven, with strong leadership and interpersonal skills; she can demonstrate experience and capability in developing and capitalizing new business opportunities.



Josh is an experienced osteopathic physician, attorney, and an accomplished medical-legal administrator. He holds several advanced degrees from the University of Alabama and Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine. His wide-ranging knowledge of both the medical profession and actual practice of law complements MGC Health Advisor’s team of skilled members. For the past 15 years, he has been engaged in corporate law, general business transactions, regulatory laws, and healthcare compliance issues, In addition, he also has experience working with: the Judiciary Subcommittee on Administrative Oversight and the Courts, Washington D.C.; Tennessee Supreme Court; Tennessee Attorney General’s Office.

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Michael E. Low



Patrick W. Mansmann



Sara Lee Riva


Jonathan Creamer

Technical Advisor, Research, and Executive Support


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